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An early summer, marooned (happily) on the world’s biggest island, and a struggle to find stylish Australian men’s swim shorts for a stylish man who had grown out of board shorts.  This seemed an incongruous problem to have.  After talking to hundreds of Australian men, it seemed there were more who couldn’t find the perfect pair of swim shorts.  The Rocks Push set to work.

The Rocks Push swim shorts are perfect swim shorts from Australia.  The Rocks Push hopes their shorts are the best blend of form and function.

Crafted from the lightest, quick-drying nylon, double stitched for rugged wear and adjustable for big waves, every pair comes with a waterproof wallet that slips into his back zip pocket to keep kit safe and dry during swim and social.

Proudly Australian, The Rocks Push takes its name from Australian history; The Rocks Push gang ruled Sydney from port to beach and they were the best dressed baddies in town.