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Muchacho was born on adventures in Central and South America. A beautiful place that can easily inspire. The atmosphere and way of life of the people is one of living for the moment. And enjoying the moment. In 2007 Bondi based designer Andy Cameron started Muchacho after quitting finance and going and living in Mexico. “I love to capture the essence of travel and the laidback lifestyle of the places I visit - like Brazil, Cuba and Hawaii, and of course my backyard - Bondi.” Combining his love for photography, travel and fashion he now travels around the world bringing these photographic expeditions to life. And with celebrity fans such as Leonardo diCaprio, Gerrard Butler and Joel Edgerton, they have grown a cult following in a few pockets across the globe. Meaning ‘young man’ in Spanish, the word ‘muchacho’ is popular slang in Mexico for your friend, or ‘mate’. “I love the atmosphere there – of living in the moment. The people savour the good things and don’t rush. I try to emulate that laid back lifestyle in my designs.”

This brand also designs women's swimwear.